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Job Post: Contract Back-End Developer

Find Cool Projects. Run With Them. Run Far.

Eric loves soccer. Eric loves soccer a lot. Eric loves soccer maybe as much as he loves technology. So when Eric told Casey that he was spending the weekend building a scraper to get current World Cup group stage and match score results, Casey told him to run with it. Casey told him to run … Continued

What We’re Talking About When We Talk about “Good”

Software for Good. We tend to think our name says it all, yet we still get so many questions. “You’re called Software for Good, but what do you really do?” “What does the name really mean?” “Do you ever do Software for Bad?” Oh, if only. Why is the name so great? “Good” can mean … Continued

Kids for Good

Special guest post written by Thomas (age 10) and Rory (age 4). It’s take your kids to work day. What that means is that today, the office has transformed from Software for Good to Kids for Good. The office is bursting with children. First things first: getting to work. It’s a rainy April day. Not … Continued

Sanity Enhancement Procedure

I have a job to fund my motorcycle habit. This statement is only barely not true. I love my job. I love the people I work with. Here’s how I’ve been able to do that: I love doing something else, too. You need to love something besides work, otherwise you’ll burn out. Don’t worry. If … Continued

Reduce & Offset with Carbonfund.org

Here at Software for Good, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re entering our fifth year as a Carbonfree® Business Partner with Carbonfund.org! What that means? Our offset donations have neutralized the same quantity of emissions as created by a standard passenger car driving almost 600,000 miles. And in return, Carbonfund.org has planted 50 trees in our honor. … Continued

Find Passionate People

Whether you’re running your own company, looking for people to help you with a side project, or hiring additional talent for the company you’re currently at, you want to make sure that you find the right people. It’s a task far easier said than done. If approached in the right way, though, you’ll find people … Continued

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

There is a reason software development shops are great: we’re a melting pot of talent. At Software for Good, we have a plethora of individuals who all bring their own unique skills and talents to the table. (Don’t touch the hot plate!) Recently I’ve taken over as lead on a project that is being used … Continued

Unicorns Everywhere

So, there is this thing about my life that is hard to explain. I have a carefully curated Pinterest board full of unicorns. Over 250 unicorns, actually. Let me explain. Part 1: The Setup I once worked as a developer for a boss who didn’t really understand the Internet or websites or what they were … Continued

Making Business Worthwhile: Betterness

The Triple Bottom Line for business: People, Planet, Profit. Meaning that to be a good business, we must reinvest in our community (people), reduce our ecological impact and be environmentally responsible (planet), and recognize that honest work is the foundation for sustaining a company (profit). The Triple Bottom Line is a great first step in … Continued

Space, Design, and Well… More Space.

I am very publicly a giant space nerd. Anyone who has ever met me would probably put that as one of the first (and probably most annoying) things to note about me. But my love for space goes beyond that of a boy who grew up watching Star Wars and shuttle launches in crowded elementary … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions

Another year, another opportunity to grow. With some new motivation all fueled up, here’s a sampling of the team’s 2014 resolutions: Continue to build Software for Good’s user experience offerings with more rapid prototyping. (Evan) Get better at RSpec. (Joe) Bike more than 1,263 miles. And past November 20th. (Peter) Eat more vegetables. (Shannon) Speak … Continued

Book Report: The Circle by Dave Eggers

I just finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. Some thoughts below: Quick Synopsis Mae Holland is a young 20-some-year-old new hire at the Circle, Eggers’ fictional (and gargantuan) Google-meets-Twitter-meets-Amazon dreamland of a company in California. The Circle dominates the Internet, its products and services connecting every technological aspect of human life. The company boasts transparency and … Continued

Why I Love Working at Software for Good

Some people think that there is one perfect company where everyone should want to work. To me, that seems silly. Everyone is different, all companies are different, and I don’t see how one single company could be a perfect fit for every single employee on this planet. I do, however, think that there is no … Continued

Get Up, Stand Up: Fun Facts About the Stand-Up Meeting

If you are involved in the tech start-up community, chances are you’re familiar with the stand-up meeting. For readers who aren’t, though, here’s a brief introduction to the internal meeting process here at Software for Good. The stand-up meeting, also known as: Daily scrum Daily huddle Morning roll-call Three questions are posed to each member of … Continued

Match the ‘Stache

Match the Software for Good employee with the Movember moustache. Software for Good team: Casey Cory Erik Evan Joe Andy Peter Jon’s Halloween costume Moustaches: A. B. C. D. E.   F. G. H. Check our Twitter feed for the answers!