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Public-Benefit Corporations Coming to Minnesota?

We sure hope so! Here’s the scoop: As the name suggests, public-benefit corporations are state-chartered corporations that treat the goal of a social benefit just as legitimately as they do the goal of a profit. The idea isn’t entirely new. In fact, it’s only a little bit of a stretch to claim that the roots of … Continued

An Agile Example

I recently attended “Foundations of Agile Development,” a course hosted by 3back Scrum Training with Agile Development Trainer Liz Weatherhead. The course was perfect for getting Agile concepts and vocabulary straight and understanding the differences between SCRUM, Agile Development, Test Drive Development, Retrospectives, and Kanban. The class started with two visual exercises to explain the … Continued

Space for Art

Are you a local artist looking for wall space? Not that long ago we expanded into the office space that Hello Viking had occupied. They’ve moved on and now we have this empty wall that needs some color.  I mean, we all like white spaces … especially big whiteboards where we can diagram and wireframe … Continued