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We build software with love.

As a general benefit corporation, Software for Good makes a profit by making tech work for people and the planet we share. In 2022, our team adopted these values to guide the work we do:

The values that power our approach

Icon for - Love

Decision by decision, day by day, we choose to support the growth of human beings toward their own highest potential.

Icon for - Humanity

We structure our company and our work in ways that support the whole humanity of every member of our team.

Icon for - Ecology

We take a systems view of everything we do, so we can reduce the potential for harm and foster harmonious collaboration at every scale.

Icon for - Context

Our clients work in the real world, and so do the tools we build with them. That’s why we take care to learn about the cultural, political and social contexts in which our clients do their work.

Icon for - Liberation

We believe in liberation for everyone, so we use all the tools at our disposal to help human beings live freely.

Icon for - Stewardship

By building technological tools in the context of social, cultural, political, and natural systems, we are moving the culture of software engineering toward a deeper and more responsible engagement with lived reality.

If our values speak to your heart, we should work together. Learn more about what we do, meet our team, and consider joining us.

We are engineers, designers, and strategists who use our skills for good. Our company started in Minneapolis, and many of us still live here — but we’ve been fully remote since 2020, and today we build software with love from coast to coast. We’re a wildly diverse group of people, but we all believe that data and technology can help all communities cultivate abundance and liberation. We take that vision very seriously — ourselves, not so much.

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