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7 Steps Apple Could Take to Protect Privacy
Implementing Home Screen Quick Actions in Swift

Implementing Home Screen Quick Actions in Swift

Ahead of Twin Cities Pride 2017, we decided to make some changes to our accompanying iOS app that would take advantage of new iPhone features. The Pride app serves as a guide for the festival and parade, and is written in Swift 3.0. One newly implemented feature is known as Home Screen Quick Actions. This feature gives … Continued

Plug in to Pride: Designing a Rallying Cry

Plug in to Pride: Designing a Rallying Cry

In case you missed it, Software for Good partnered with Clockwork and Buzzfeed this past Sunday to bring parade attendees at Twin Cities Pride a simple message: Plug in to Pride! With a cheeky double entendre and a message of diversity and inclusivity, we donned our shirts and revved up our decked-out, music-blasting M35 Cargo … Continued

5 Reasons Content Can Derail Your Website Launch

5 Reasons Content Can Derail Your Website Launch

Guest post by Liz Lacey-Gotz, principal of Liz LG LLC and senior writer consultant at Union Park Marketing. Who among us has not experienced a website whose vision of excellence was never quite achieved? Someone who gave up wrangling too many stakeholders and a distraught writer, vowing to get everything back on track in “phase 2.” And, … Continued

Updated World Cup API

We’ve updated our World Cup API to be live for the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada. All endpoints and data remain the same. Near realtime events (substitutions, goals, cards), as well as results by team and group. During the 2014 World Cup, the API was called over 13 million times and over 240 files … Continued

Get Started Already. Worry About Stopping Later.

Get Started Already. Worry About Stopping Later.

There are all sorts of marketing strategies to pull you in to buy a product: Buy one get one free! Free consultation! First 30 days free! In the software development world, this often looks like a free analysis of your project and maybe some help organizing your project. Listing out the individual tasks, etc. Perhaps … Continued

All Estimates Are Lies

All Estimates Are Lies

“I just have two emails to send, and then I’ll stop working for the day. Give me 30 minutes.” This is what I said to my wife of 16 years last night. I made a 30-minute estimate in a split-second and promptly dove into the work. And those two emails? They actually took 90 minutes. One of them … Continued

“The Unicorns are Sad”: Tech Talk and the Workers Overheard

Hello again, Software for Good readers! It’s nice to be back on this blog. As you probably don’t remember, I was last year’s resident word nerd at Software for Good. Since leaving, I’ve moved far from snowy Minnesota, enrolled in a software development school, and built some pretty wild programs that I never thought were possible. … Continued

Soft-wear for Good

Soft-wear for Good

When I started working at Software for Good in November of 2013, one of my first Crank-n-Drank tasks was to design the company t-shirt. We’d tossed around some initial ideas for logo placement on a white or black t-shirt, but the results were a bit, well, corporate looking. Jamey suggested we take a different approach—get rid … Continued

Find Cool Projects. Run With Them. Run Far.

Eric loves soccer. Eric loves soccer a lot. Eric loves soccer maybe as much as he loves technology. So when Eric told Casey that he was spending the weekend building a scraper to get current World Cup group stage and match score results, Casey told him to run with it. Casey told him to run … Continued

Soccer for Good

I love soccer. I especially love the World Cup. Despite the well founded concerns over corruption in FIFA and the social costs of spending so much on a sporting event, it’s truly the largest event in the world. During the 2010 World Cup, 3.2 billion people watched at least one of the games from home. … Continued

Parking for Good

At Software for Good, we love thinking about great technology solutions for our community. So, when we heard that the City of Minneapolis was looking for a mobile parking payment application, we couldn’t resist throwing our name into the ring. A few reasons why we love submitting proposals for projects like this: It’s good. Our … Continued

Brewer’s Ball Beer Results

We had an amazing time at the Minnesota Brewer’s Ball, a fundraiser thrown by the Minnesota chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We were so excited to be part of such a great event for such a great cause. Also great? The info that came out of the beer rating app we built for the … Continued

Beer for Good

There’s nothing we love more than building great apps for organizations doing great things. Especially when they involve great beer. We’re thrilled to be building a beer rating app for the Minnesota Brewer’s Ball. Called the “best nonprofit craft beer event” in the state, the party’s being thrown by the Minnesota chapter of the Cystic … Continued

Reduce & Offset with Carbonfund.org

Here at Software for Good, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re entering our fifth year as a Carbonfree® Business Partner with Carbonfund.org! What that means? Our offset donations have neutralized the same quantity of emissions as created by a standard passenger car driving almost 600,000 miles. And in return, Carbonfund.org has planted 50 trees in our honor. … Continued

The LEAD Project

We’re thrilled about our partnership with LEAD, the Leadership Emergence and Development Project. LEAD is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young professionals get involved with local charitable and philanthropic organizations. As LEAD explains, many young professionals don’t quite realize just how valuable their perspectives will be at a nonprofit’s board table. LEAD encourages … Continued