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Job Post: Contract Back-End Developer

The LEAD Project

We’re thrilled about our partnership with LEAD, the Leadership Emergence and Development Project. LEAD is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young professionals get involved with local charitable and philanthropic organizations. As LEAD explains, many young professionals don’t quite realize just how valuable their perspectives will be at a nonprofit’s board table. LEAD encourages … Continued

Software for Good is Getting Creative

A Complete Digital Solutions Team Starting today, Software for Good is no longer just a software development firm. Still with the same technical expertise and emphasis on helping progressive and forward-thinking companies to succeed, we are excited to announce that we have grown into a complete digital solutions firm. With local design expert Jamey Erickson … Continued

The Hidden Costs of Apps

“I have an idea for an app. How much would it cost?” It’s something I hear on an almost weekly basis. Mobile applications are extremely popular, and many people believe that their app idea will help them to get rich quick. Most people are shocked when they hear the development of their app could be … Continued

A New Site for Minnesota’s AdFed

Exciting news for the advertising community here in the Twin Cities! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new site for AdFed, the Advertising Federation of Minnesota. The new site is the product of a three-way collaboration. Digital marketing, technology, and data agency Digitaria, formerly JWT Minneapolis, handled all things strategy, UX, and design. … Continued

An Agile Example

I recently attended “Foundations of Agile Development,” a course hosted by 3back Scrum Training with Agile Development Trainer Liz Weatherhead. The course was perfect for getting Agile concepts and vocabulary straight and understanding the differences between SCRUM, Agile Development, Test Drive Development, Retrospectives, and Kanban. The class started with two visual exercises to explain the … Continued