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Insights / March 25, 2013

Space for Art

By Software for Good

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Are you a local artist looking for wall space?
Not that long ago we expanded into the office space that Hello Viking had occupied. They’ve moved on and now we have this empty wall that needs some color.  I mean, we all like white spaces … especially big whiteboards where we can diagram and wireframe and sort through the complicated bits in software. But we already have a couple of massive whiteboards and this space could use some color.
We are all about local — we make software for local businesses, our desks are locally made by TimeWork with reclaimed wood, and the desk base is hand crafted by our very own Andy Kvamme. We’d like to add your local art as well.
Here’s our proposition: Lend us your art – about 4 or 5 pieces – for 3 months and we’ll host an open house for you. We will supply the drinks and hors d’oeuvres. All you need to do is supply your art and bring some friends for the opening night. We have new people coming in all the time for meetings so your art will get traffic.
Interested? Contact