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Three Things Every Day

Three Things Every Day

I wanted to pick something that might be helpful to you but more so, appropriate coming from me. And whatever that implies. So this week, I’m going to ask you to MAKE A LIST of THREE THINGS for EACH DAY. Step 1: Open your computer, get ready to work. Step 2: Write down three things that you want … Continued

Get Started Already. Worry About Stopping Later.

Get Started Already. Worry About Stopping Later.

There are all sorts of marketing strategies to pull you in to buy a product: Buy one get one free! Free consultation! First 30 days free! In the software development world, this often looks like a free analysis of your project and maybe some help organizing your project. Listing out the individual tasks, etc. Perhaps … Continued

Put A Bow On It

Put A Bow On It

You just got a birthday gift! But…kinda disappointing that it came in a gift bag, right? We’ve all been there. The gift bag is a quick and easy way to give a gift, but when you’re the recipient—well, a gift bag makes it feel a little half-hearted. This week, we’re putting a bow on our work. We’re taking time to … Continued

Longing for Quality Audio

Longing for Quality Audio

We’re living in a time of continuous connectivity. You can connect with me by text message, by instant message, by Google Hangout, by Twitter, by phone, by email, by Slack… But all I want is a simple, easy-to-use, high-quality audio conference calling system. Before we go any further, let me be clear:  This is a rant. … Continued

Be a Leader

Building on our action-based themes for January, this week’s theme is Be a Leader. We’re challenging each other to set honorable examples, take the time to do things right, and serve our teams and clients well. How are we doing? What are you doing to be a leader this week? We’d love to hear from you: info@softwareforgood.com

All Estimates Are Lies

All Estimates Are Lies

“I just have two emails to send, and then I’ll stop working for the day. Give me 30 minutes.” This is what I said to my wife of 16 years last night. I made a 30-minute estimate in a split-second and promptly dove into the work. And those two emails? They actually took 90 minutes. One of them … Continued

Take Action

This week, Casey challenged the team to Take Action. In life and work: Do something. Get out there and make things happen. And don’t forget to have a little fun while you’re at it.  


At the end of our Monday morning standup meeting, Casey gives us a theme for the week — something to keep us focused and motivated. This week’s theme? Fresh. We’re going to approach each task, each client interaction with a fresh attitude and perspective this week. And probably listen to a lot of Outkast, too.

The Apple Watch Platform: Not Personal Enough

At first I thought the Watch was set up to do too much. It felt unfocused and out of touch with what people want. Sure, the fitness-tracking is spot-on. But the photo app is a disaster. The home screen? Virtually un-navigatable. Reading email on it is a joke, as scarcely more than a dozen words fit on the screen at … Continued

The Ferrazzi Ping Script

Scratching my own itch, I’d like to tell you a bit about an AppleScript tool I made to help me keep in contact with all of the good folks I’ve met over the years. The concept is simple: Remind me to reach out and connect with 2 or 3 people each day that I haven’t … Continued

Unicorns Everywhere

So, there is this thing about my life that is hard to explain. I have a carefully curated Pinterest board full of unicorns. Over 250 unicorns, actually. Let me explain. Part 1: The Setup I once worked as a developer for a boss who didn’t really understand the Internet or websites or what they were … Continued

Making Business Worthwhile: Betterness

The Triple Bottom Line for business: People, Planet, Profit. Meaning that to be a good business, we must reinvest in our community (people), reduce our ecological impact and be environmentally responsible (planet), and recognize that honest work is the foundation for sustaining a company (profit). The Triple Bottom Line is a great first step in … Continued

#NPTech Social Club – September 2013

Join us for an evening of idea-sharing and casual networking with your nonprofit colleagues interested in technology and online communications. Our theme this month will be all things social media for mission-driven organizations! Come prepared to chat about anything and everything relating to social media from basic tactics like the best times to post, to … Continued