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Insights / February 16, 2015

Put A Bow On It

By Software for Good

You just got a birthday gift! But…kinda disappointing that it came in a gift bag, right?

We’ve all been there. The gift bag is a quick and easy way to give a gift, but when you’re the recipient—well, a gift bag makes it feel a little half-hearted.

This week, we’re putting a bow on our work. We’re taking time to neatly wrap each task up before handing it off, and putting effort into the final presentation. It isn’t enough to build something that works. We need to do that, of course, but we also want our clients to see the pride and care that goes into what we do. You know—the way you do when wrapping a gift you’re proud to give.

Let’s take the great work we’re doing, add a bow, and present it as a gift to our clients and partners.