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Insights / October 26, 2015

Do it the Hard Way

By Software for Good

There is always a better way to do a project: Use better tools. Think smarter about your process. Involve the experts. Complete tasks in an optimal order. Account for the edge cases.

This week, I want you to throw all of that out and do it the hard way. Stop looking for shortcuts, and don’t over-engineer your solutions.

Have 400 records to migrate from one system to another? Just copy and paste 400 times. Don’t make a fancy importer — you only really need that for something like 100,000 records. Just jump in and do it the dumb way. You’ll pick up some insights about your data along the way (you will have looked at it all!), and more than likely find the manual process didn’t take nearly as long as you feared.

Searching for and implementing a shortcut is often more work than the manual labor you’re avoiding. This week, keep your eye on the big picture and be willing to dig in and do it the hard way.