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Insights / May 10, 2016

You Can Go Away

TOTW: You Can Go Away

By Software for Good

When I was in college, I had a teacher who ended the very first class day with a dismissive wave of the hands and the statement “You can now all go away.” Some students took umbrage with this and called the teacher out on it afterward. So on the second day of class, the teacher ended the class “Some of you seemed offended when I said you can ‘go away’. I meant nothing more than what I said. The class is done. You can go do other things. Or you can stay here. You are free to go away in pursuit of other activities if you’d like. That is all. You can go away.”

This week, think about the unspoken implicit agreements you have with clients, projects, and each other. Perhaps you have reached the end of a task, and you can move on and go away. Perhaps you are not done. Seek clarity. Keep going if you are not at the end, but if you are—feel free to move on.