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Insights / July 2, 2015

Three Things Every Day

By Software for Good

I wanted to pick something that might be helpful to you but more so, appropriate coming from me. And whatever that implies. So this week, I’m going to ask you to MAKE A LIST of THREE THINGS for EACH DAY.

Step 1: Open your computer, get ready to work.

Step 2: Write down three things that you want to accomplish today.

Step 3: Complete one or two of them before lunch. Don’t go to lunch if you don’t have at least one completed. Complete the rest before you leave for the day.

Close down your distractions. Catch up on social media later. Worry about email and text messages later. They can wait. If they can’t, someone will walk over and tap you on the shoulder and tell you as much. So don’t worry. Focus. Get it done.

Writing your list down is important. It makes it harder to change them halfway through the day. “Oh, I didn’t really mean that one! That was only if I had time.” No, you promised yourself to get these three things done today, so now go do it.

Your list can be digital. It can be analog. It can be on a whiteboard, in a notebook, on a scrap of paper, on your phone. The items don’t have to be big. They can be small. Easy, in fact. But have three of them. And get them done.


Do it again tomorrow. Do it every day.