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A Renewed Commitment to Liberation and Love
How to Build Software with Love (A Conversation)

RailsBridge Reflections

I was so thrilled to spend this past weekend as a student at RailsBridge, a free Ruby on Rails workshop designed to increase diversity in tech. Run entirely by volunteers, this weekend’s Twin Cities RailsBridge introduced dozens of experienced mentors to dozens of eager students for a day and a half of nearly 1-on-1 programming … Continued

On Politics and the Internet

We had a great time visiting with Congressman Keith Ellison last week! Congressman Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which covers Minneapolis and a fair chunk of the nearby suburbs. He swung by the Software for Good office to meet the team, deliver the DC scoop, and chat with us about some important issues. The … Continued

What We’re Talking About When We Talk about “Good”

Software for Good. We tend to think our name says it all, yet we still get so many questions. “You’re called Software for Good, but what do you really do?” “What does the name really mean?” “Do you ever do Software for Bad?” Oh, if only. Why is the name so great? “Good” can mean … Continued

Kids for Good

Special guest post written by Thomas (age 10) and Rory (age 4). It’s take your kids to work day. What that means is that today, the office has transformed from Software for Good to Kids for Good. The office is bursting with children. First things first: getting to work. It’s a rainy April day. Not … Continued

Parking for Good

At Software for Good, we love thinking about great technology solutions for our community. So, when we heard that the City of Minneapolis was looking for a mobile parking payment application, we couldn’t resist throwing our name into the ring. A few reasons why we love submitting proposals for projects like this: It’s good. Our … Continued

Brewer’s Ball Beer Results

We had an amazing time at the Minnesota Brewer’s Ball, a fundraiser thrown by the Minnesota chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. We were so excited to be part of such a great event for such a great cause. Also great? The info that came out of the beer rating app we built for the … Continued

Beer for Good

There’s nothing we love more than building great apps for organizations doing great things. Especially when they involve great beer. We’re thrilled to be building a beer rating app for the Minnesota Brewer’s Ball. Called the “best nonprofit craft beer event” in the state, the party’s being thrown by the Minnesota chapter of the Cystic … Continued

Reduce & Offset with Carbonfund.org

Here at Software for Good, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re entering our fifth year as a Carbonfree® Business Partner with Carbonfund.org! What that means? Our offset donations have neutralized the same quantity of emissions as created by a standard passenger car driving almost 600,000 miles. And in return, Carbonfund.org has planted 50 trees in our honor. … Continued

For All the Lady Geeks

“An event.” That’s what I kept repeating to myself. I’d be at an event. The truth: It was an unconference, a word so silly to me that I was embarrassed to even say it. I mean, it’s really just a conference, right? A conference without any speakers, preparation, or agenda. An unorganized conference. An unproductive … Continued

The LEAD Project

We’re thrilled about our partnership with LEAD, the Leadership Emergence and Development Project. LEAD is a Twin Cities-based nonprofit dedicated to helping young professionals get involved with local charitable and philanthropic organizations. As LEAD explains, many young professionals don’t quite realize just how valuable their perspectives will be at a nonprofit’s board table. LEAD encourages … Continued

Open House Tonight!

Our open house is tonight! Come swing by, meet our team, enjoy some light snacks and refreshments, and win some meat in our meat raffle. See you there!

Technology, Design & Why I Read Fiction

Last month, Bill Gates published a piece about the best books he read in 2013. It’s an interesting list: Jared Diamond of Guns, Germs, and Steel fame; a Vaclav Smil, unsurprisingly; an entire book about the history of the shipping container; etc. Interesting? Definitely. Diverse? Not quite. Gates even admits it. “You may notice that there aren’t any … Continued