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How to Build Software with Love (A Conversation)
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Book Report: The Circle by Dave Eggers

I just finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers. Some thoughts below: Quick Synopsis Mae Holland is a young 20-some-year-old new hire at the Circle, Eggers’ fictional (and gargantuan) Google-meets-Twitter-meets-Amazon dreamland of a company in California. The Circle dominates the Internet, its products and services connecting every technological aspect of human life. The company boasts transparency and … Continued

Get Up, Stand Up: Fun Facts About the Stand-Up Meeting

If you are involved in the tech start-up community, chances are you’re familiar with the stand-up meeting. For readers who aren’t, though, here’s a brief introduction to the internal meeting process here at Software for Good. The stand-up meeting, also known as: Daily scrum Daily huddle Morning roll-call Three questions are posed to each member of … Continued

Match the ‘Stache

Match the Software for Good employee with the Movember moustache. Software for Good team: Casey Cory Erik Evan Joe Andy Peter Jon’s Halloween costume Moustaches: A. B. C. D. E.   F. G. H. Check our Twitter feed for the answers!  

Public-Benefit Corporations Coming to Minnesota?

We sure hope so! Here’s the scoop: As the name suggests, public-benefit corporations are state-chartered corporations that treat the goal of a social benefit just as legitimately as they do the goal of a profit. The idea isn’t entirely new. In fact, it’s only a little bit of a stretch to claim that the roots of … Continued

SfG Team Members Play Big Roles in Local User Groups

Ruby.MN We’re thrilled to announce that Casey and Kevin are on deck to head the Ruby Users of Minnesota group. Starting next month, they’ll be in charge of finding speakers, coordinating sponsors, and feeding the hungry Ruby enthusiasts at meetings. Big thanks to the sponsors for continuing to make it happen, and here’s to a … Continued

Software for Good to Host Twin Cities 2013 Coderetreat

Calling all coders! Mark your calendars for December 14. The tech world is gearing up for another Coderetreat, and this year’s Twin Cities meetup will be hosted by yours truly. There will always be a gap between how we code and how we wish we could code. Ideally we would all be more proactive about … Continued

Congrats to Casey!

We’re thrilled to announce that our Founder & CEO is taking on yet another title! Big congratulations to Casey, as he and local tech start-up expert Justin Porter join the minne✱ Board of Directors. Check here for more information. 

Updates from Crank 'n' Drank

We had a great time cranking and dranking last week. Some highlights. We: Consolidated databases from our individual servers to a shared database server. Set up scripted procedures for easier, safer, and faster WordPress deploys. Reconfigured the office wireless setup. Ordered business cards and stickers for the team. The dranks? Johnny Jump Ups. Until next … Continued

On the Agenda: Crank ‘n’ Drank

Tomorrow night, the Software for Good office will be spending some quality time with the bottom quarter of our to-do list. It’s time for another Crank ‘n’ Drank. The idea came to us from Medium, the online publishing platform launched by Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone. Once a week, the folks at Medium … Continued

A New Site for Minnesota’s AdFed

Exciting news for the advertising community here in the Twin Cities! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of a new site for AdFed, the Advertising Federation of Minnesota. The new site is the product of a three-way collaboration. Digital marketing, technology, and data agency Digitaria, formerly JWT Minneapolis, handled all things strategy, UX, and design. … Continued