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Updated World Cup API

We’ve updated our World Cup API to be live for the 2015 Women’s World Cup in Canada. All endpoints and data remain the same. Near realtime events (substitutions, goals, cards), as well as results by team and group. During the 2014 World Cup, the API was called over 13 million times and over 240 files … Continued

“The Unicorns are Sad”: Tech Talk and the Workers Overheard

Hello again, Software for Good readers! It’s nice to be back on this blog. As you probably don’t remember, I was last year’s resident word nerd at Software for Good. Since leaving, I’ve moved far from snowy Minnesota, enrolled in a software development school, and built some pretty wild programs that I never thought were possible. … Continued

Hello, World… Cup

We’re nearing the end of the World Cup. Even though it’s a little late in the game (no pun intended) with only three matches left, I’ve decided to join in on the World Cup software fun. An intro to a programming language usually starts off with the traditional “Hello, World!” program. So, in honor of that, … Continued

Soccer for Good

Soccer for Good

I love soccer. I especially love the World Cup. Despite the well founded concerns over corruption in FIFA and the social costs of spending so much on a sporting event, it’s truly the largest event in the world. During the 2010 World Cup, 3.2 billion people watched at least one of the games from home. … Continued

RailsBridge Reflections

I was so thrilled to spend this past weekend as a student at RailsBridge, a free Ruby on Rails workshop designed to increase diversity in tech. Run entirely by volunteers, this weekend’s Twin Cities RailsBridge introduced dozens of experienced mentors to dozens of eager students for a day and a half of nearly 1-on-1 programming … Continued

On Politics and the Internet

We had a great time visiting with Congressman Keith Ellison last week! Congressman Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which covers Minneapolis and a fair chunk of the nearby suburbs. He swung by the Software for Good office to meet the team, deliver the DC scoop, and chat with us about some important issues. The … Continued

RailsConf 2014

Two of the great things about working at Software for Good: We have unlimited time off to do what we want, and it’s a culture that really values self-directed learning. So when I, after approximately 1 month on the job, asked if I could take off the better part of a week to go to … Continued

Vague and Unfinished Thoughts on Typefaces and Coding

I never thought I’d get to this point. The point where I use the command line every day, and weeks go by without firing up any of the Adobe CC programs. When I made the move to Software for Good, I did so with the intention of making this kind of transition, but I don’t … Continued

Technology, Design & Why I Read Fiction

Last month, Bill Gates published a piece about the best books he read in 2013. It’s an interesting list: Jared Diamond of Guns, Germs, and Steel fame; a Vaclav Smil, unsurprisingly; an entire book about the history of the shipping container; etc. Interesting? Definitely. Diverse? Not quite. Gates even admits it. “You may notice that there aren’t any … Continued

Software is Not Always All About Software

In June 2013, at Hack for MN, few civic-minded individuals gravitated towards an idea and extension of E-Democracy’s BeNeighbors.org program. We imagined a technology to help neighbors connect at a hyper-local (and block-level) by giving people the ability to share information, and control how far they share that information. The work we produced at the end … Continued

Google Summer of Code Mentor Summit 2013

This year I had the pleasure of serving as a Google Summer of Code mentor on the Mercurial project. I’ve been using and contributing to Mercurial for about five years, and was made a core contributor about a year ago. With three students, we were among the smaller Summer of Code mentoring organizations, but all three students contributed some very … Continued

Tips for an Innovative Health Care Startup

A few weeks ago I attended one of the newest tech meetup groups in the Minneapolis – Healthcare.mn. The event was hosted at CoCo Minneapolis, and saw around 40 attendees with experience ranging from local health-business founders to MD’s and UofM medical students, to health and innovation enthusiasts. Marti Nyman, the speaker at the meetup, is the … Continued