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Insights / July 21, 2017

Work In Progress: An Intern Cohort Update

By Eddie Glenn

This summer, Software for Good welcomed its second intern cohort into the office as part of the award-winning SfG Internship and Giving Program.

Our first intern cohort, which concluded in May, worked on a project for iMatter Youth—a youth-led nonprofit that helps young adults across the country petition their local governments to take action against climate change. The inaugural team of interns—Rachana, Nikayla, Ayoub, and David—jumped right in, learning a new programming language and framework while upgrading iMatter’s web application. They redesigned the application’s signup form, created a more elegant and intuitive experience for new users, and modified the database to support these changes.

This summer, Ayoub and David stuck around to extend the aesthetic redesign of iMatter’s signup to other parts of the website. They redesigned the site to better coordinate students at multiple schools working toward shared goals and integrated Salesforce into the application, strengthening the site administrator’s ability to monitor and communicate with all of the organization’s members.

When Annie and Kathryn joined the team in May, the new cohort began building a web application for Goodfolio, a nonprofit that allows users to automatically donate to effective charities working on their favorite causes.

Annie, Ayoub, Kathryn, and David have been working in partnership with Software for Good staff to build the database and underlying structure of the application. Kathryn and Ayoub integrated Stripe, creating a seamless experience for users who want to donate by credit card. David and Annie have built up the overall user experience of the application, assisting users in choosing causes that they are most passionate about and in determining how much they want to donate to each cause. They’re also refining the aesthetics of the web app, making sure each page looks and functions beautifully on a variety of screen sizes.

The broader Software for Good team has loved collaborating with the interns and helping them succeed in building professional-grade web applications for worthy causes.

Do you have an idea for a website or software application that could positively impact people or the planet? Take a look at our giving program client application—our next intern cohort would love to work with you to make your idea a reality! (And if you know a student who would enjoy a semester-long software engineering internship at Software for Good, point them to our intern cohort application. We’re accepting applications through July 30!)