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Getting Into UX: An Introduction

Getting Into UX: An Introduction

I get asked a lot about getting into user experience (UX). It’s been a really rad career for me, so I understand why it garners a lot of interest. Let’s look at the facts: UX blends a variety of disciplines. From visual design to psychology to research and analysis, it’s a dream for anyone who … Continued


Backups are important in the business world. They’re even more important in the digital world. Information is volatile and susceptible to easy deletion, as I’ve recently been reminded. I’ve been a registered iOS developer for several years now and an OS X dev for about a year. One of the perks of being a developer … Continued

If at first you don’t succeed, .try again

As a relatively new developer here at Software for Good, I’m pretty much like a giant sponge. Almost every day, I learn something that I didn’t know I didn’t know. In order to document some of my learning and hopefully help some other junior developers, I’ve decided to write about it. Presenting the .try method … Continued

TeX + Typography = TeXcellent

Recently I’ve been working on adjusting the typography of some of our client-facing legal documents—just some general housekeeping to spruce up things that sometimes get overlooked. For the graphic design side of my brain, my first instinct for laying out lots of copy tends to be a program like Quark or InDesign—a robust page layout … Continued

Writing a Mac App

Last Thursday, I set a daunting challenge for myself: Write my first app for OS X Mavericks by Monday morning at 12am. I was confident because OS X apps are written in Objective-C, which I’ve been using for years to write iOS apps. The real challenge would be working with OS X’s UI paradigms and … Continued