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Insights / February 16, 2015

Getting Into UX: An Introduction

By Beth McKeever

I get asked a lot about getting into user experience (UX). It’s been a really rad career for me, so I understand why it garners a lot of interest. Let’s look at the facts:

UX blends a variety of disciplines. From visual design to psychology to research and analysis, it’s a dream for anyone who cherishes their liberal arts education or would brand themselves a “life-long learner.”

UX pays well. According to Glassdoor, the average UXer in the Twin Cites is compensated on par with a software engineer.

You don’t need a master’s degree. Sometimes you don’t even need a bachelor’s degree. Because this field is still not available for study in many traditional programs, hiring managers focus more on demonstrable skill than certificates and degrees.

UX makes a difference. You have the ability to radically improve products. Because of your influence, a retailer will make more money, a non-profit will generate more awareness, and a product’s user base will grow. People will enjoy their interaction with software more because of what you craft for them.

But how do you break in? Truth: it’s not easy. That said, the demand for skilled UXers in the Twin Cities is ridiculously high. Ten years ago, UX was still a somewhat niche field, especially in smaller markets like Minneapolis. Now, companies large and small know that an effective UX team is essential to business success.

Because I’m frequently asked about getting into UX, I’ve come up with some pretty solid advice that I give over and over. For the rest of this week, I’m going to share one post each day with my advice for getting into the field. Stay tuned!