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Insights / November 29, 2022

CommitChange: A tech platform for shared abundance

Image of crowd of people with text: CommitChange. A tech platform for shared abundance.

By Software for Good

Today Software for Good, GBC, announced that it has acquired the assets of CommitChange, a fundraising and relationship platform for nonprofits and social ventures. “Our company exists to put data and technology in the service of shared abundance,” said Software for Good CEO Sharon Kennedy Vickers, “and the CommitChange platform is shared abundance in action — a platform powered by an open-source community that works in solidarity with do-gooders to cultivate the resources and relationships they need to do more good.” Software for Good founder and CTO Casey Helbling agreed: “to me, partnering up with CommitChange feels like a nice warm hug. Sharon and I agreed to prioritize owning and operating a for-good software platform of our own, and CommitChange is just the platform we were hoping for.”

Since its founding in 2012, CommitChange Corporation has helped nonprofits nationwide raise more than $62 million through donor events, fundraising campaigns, and relationship management — all for a fair and transparent price nonprofits can afford, with free one-on-one customer support and strategic assistance. As a subsidiary of Software for Good, CommitChange LLC, a new legal entity, will continue providing uninterrupted service to its community. “Our users are real people, who use CommitChange to power work that makes our world better,” said CommitChange product lead Wendy Bolm. “Now that we’ve joined Software for Good, we can do even more to help their social movements thrive.”

As new Software for Good employees, Wendy and CommitChange engineering lead Eric Schultz will seamlessly continue their work in solidarity with the hundreds of nonprofits nationwide who trust the CommitChange platform to raise funds and build community. “Wendy and Eric share our vision of building software in love,” Director of Product Strategy Cassi Johnson explained. “Their stewardship of the CommitChange platform is exactly how SfG wants to show up as technologists.” Over the next few months, Wendy and Eric will work with the rest of the Software for Good team to deepen and expand the platform’s capabilities to give nonprofit and social ventures even more ways to build abundance with their communities.

In addition to maintaining the CommitChange codebase, Eric will spend half his time helping Software for Good’s technical team contribute more abundantly to the free and open-source software (FOSS) movement. “Software for Good benefits so much from open-source software. We build our business on it,” said Director of Engineering Kevin Bullock. “Supporting Eric in his stewardship of an open source community is an opportunity for our whole team to help shift the culture of software engineering toward more abundance and freedom for everyone.”