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Insights / March 16, 2015

Break Things

By Casey Helbling

There you have it: permission to throw a vase or smash a plate or something. Right?

Well, sort of. This week’s theme is Break Things. While plates would be fun (and certainly fall within the realm of “things”), we’re talking about habits. And not just bad habits, though we’d all benefit from fewer afternoon trips to the snack shelf. Comfortable habits. Those tried-and-true hacks we rely on to achieve a good result because they’re easy and don’t require much thought and rarely fail.

Tried and true.
Rarely fail.


Guess what? Software for Good Enough is never going to change the world. We can do better than tried and true. And so can you.

So, break things. Break out of your current mindset, break down a process that led to a bad outcome so you can avoid it next time, break what you’re building so you can build it even better. A faster, smarter way of working is out there, and you’re never going to find it if you keep doing what you’ve been doing. This week, push yourself, your project, and your team.

And keep on walking when you’re near the snacks. Nothing good happens over there.