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Insights / March 1, 2018

Stay the Course

Stay The Course

By Casey Helbling

Sometimes we make commitments to things — people, projects, good habits, new thought patterns or styles of relating, and somewhere down the line it becomes much harder than we expected. We no longer have the belief that we can do this thing, yet we have the commitment. It’s easy to want to hide, procrastinate, focus on anything else other than this task that seems impossible.

In this time, it’s important to let go of ideas about perfection or finish lines. Realize everything may be 2 steps forward and then 1.5 steps backward for awhile. Keep take little steps, even if they seem very little. One foot in front of the other. Eventually, you’ll see that you have walked out of the darkest parts and you can see light up ahead again. Maybe you’ll even start to run.