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Insights / September 4, 2018

Doing Good Is Hard (But Worth It)

Theme of the Week Doing Good is Hard

By Colleen Powers

I spent several hours this past weekend binge-watching season 2 of The Good Place, a half-hour network comedy about the afterlife, moral philosophy, and what it means to be a good person. I can’t recommend it enough.

One of the themes of the show is that doing good is hard. It’s an everyday challenge that requires sincere effort. It takes work to make responsible decisions about what you buy and consume, stand up and take risks for your principles, and be kind to others instead of just focusing on yourself. But it’s worth it to make life easier and happier for those with whom we share the planet.

As a company focused on doing good, we know it often takes extra work to operate ethically, seek out clients whose values we share, and think critically about the impact of the software we build. Doing good isn’t always easy. But of course, it’s worth it to be able to effect positive change.