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A Renewed Commitment to Liberation and Love
How to Build Software with Love (A Conversation)

Find Passionate People

Whether you’re running your own company, looking for people to help you with a side project, or hiring additional talent for the company you’re currently at, you want to make sure that you find the right people. It’s a task far easier said than done. If approached in the right way, though, you’ll find people … Continued

The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts

There is a reason software development shops are great: we’re a melting pot of talent. At Software for Good, we have a plethora of individuals who all bring their own unique skills and talents to the table. (Don’t touch the hot plate!) Recently I’ve taken over as lead on a project that is being used … Continued

The Hidden Costs of Apps

“I have an idea for an app. How much would it cost?” It’s something I hear on an almost weekly basis. Mobile applications are extremely popular, and many people believe that their app idea will help them to get rich quick. Most people are shocked when they hear the development of their app could be … Continued

Why I Love Working at Software for Good

Some people think that there is one perfect company where everyone should want to work. To me, that seems silly. Everyone is different, all companies are different, and I don’t see how one single company could be a perfect fit for every single employee on this planet. I do, however, think that there is no … Continued

Writing a Mac App

Last Thursday, I set a daunting challenge for myself: Write my first app for OS X Mavericks by Monday morning at 12am. I was confident because OS X apps are written in Objective-C, which I’ve been using for years to write iOS apps. The real challenge would be working with OS X’s UI paradigms and … Continued