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Insights / October 26, 2016

We Did The Best We Could

By Jared Mehle

Faced with tough times or injustice, we often comfort ourselves by saying that “we did the best we could” or “there was nothing more we could do”. We in Minnesota were recently shaken by the conclusion of a 27-year-long investigation into the disappearance of a child named Jacob Wetterling. American Public Media’s “In the Dark” podcast series investigates the shortcomings of law enforcement in solving this case and explores the question, “did they do everything they could?”

How are you doing? Are you doing everything you can to take care of what you need to do, at home or at work? This week, challenge yourself to reflect upon whether or not you can give more. Turn a critical eye to your performances and ask yourself where you can improve. You may find you can give a little more than what you have.