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Insights / July 13, 2015

The Law of the Lever or Find your Fulcrum

By Evan Heisler

We often talk about maintaining a healthy work/life balance, but what does that really mean? This week’s theme is about the rest of that system: the lever and the fulcrum. Because how and where you apply pressure will affect the amount of force necessary to create change.

Challenge yourself to think about how your professional life and personal life compliment each other, and use something from one to benefit the other. Are you logging a bunch of work hours just to stay afloat? Maybe blowing off a bit early for happy hour allows you to come back fresh and more productive. Maybe it’s making time for exercise during the week to clear your head and think about a problem you’ve been stuck on.

This week, find your fulcrum and see if you can make big gains — both professionally and personally — with just a little effort.