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Insights / January 11, 2016

Don’t Be An Island

By Abby Breyer

There are no awards for going it alone, in work or in life. 

Let people in on your work. Ask for feedback, for help, for new ideas. Don’t sit there, stuck, and wait for things to happen. Speak up, and invite others to be part of what you’re doing. You don’t have to give everyone access to everything — no one wants a “too many cooks” situation on their hands. But the parts and pieces that you know could be better, that could benefit from another perspective? Share them. And don’t be ashamed of the mess you made along the way — we all start with crappy first drafts. Pull yours out, find a friend, and dig through it together.  

Similarly, let people in on your life. Don’t shy away from others or their efforts to know you. In fact, do the opposite: seek out new people and get to know them. You may not need their friendship/support/time at the moment, but you will eventually — and when that happens, you’ll be glad you’ve done the hard work of being vulnerable.

This week, make an effort to reach out. Invite those around you into your messes, and don’t be surprised by their willingness to jump in. People are good like that.