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Insights / October 5, 2015

Be Competitive!

By Evan Heisler

In the spirit of juxtaposition, this week’s theme is Be Competitive!

Last week we looked inward and tried to center ourselves; this week we look outward and consider how competition is embedded in our lives. Competition drives innovation in fair markets and it also pushes us to be a little bit better than we thought we could. While sometimes obvious (like in sports), competition also happens every day in more subtle ways. Like selecting the github project with 2,000 stars instead of 200 — there was a developer or a team somewhere saying “I could do this better.”

The concept of competition is rooted in choice — so this week I challenge you to look at the choices you make every day and consider how competition has created that opportunity. Tap into that inner competitive drive we all have in some regard and use it to push yourself to be just a little better than even you thought you could be.