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Insights / October 2, 2018

The Other New Year’s Day

Theme of the Week The Other New Year's Day

By Jenessa White

I’ll tell you a secret, you really have 2 New Year’s Days. Traditional ol’ January 1st and then your birthday.

Ever since I was little, birthdays were like a national holiday. We got to do whatever we wanted, throw a party, have a nice dinner, get a cool gift, etc. However, as I’ve gotten older, birthdays mean something a little different. They are another chance to look back and reflect, and then to look ahead and to re-evaluate your goals and make some new ones.

Birthdays are meant to be celebrated! If you weren’t getting older, you’d be dead, ya know. There will always be things that you didn’t accomplish. Maybe you didn’t lose those last 5 pounds, but use this personal occasion to celebrate restart. Sometimes when we set goals, we forget to re-evaluate, check in, and restructure. But that’s okay, sometimes you just need a reminder, and what better reminder than you completing another trip around the sun?!

Bonus, if you’re lucky like me to have a birthday towards the end of the year, the gym won’t be so busy when you go in tomorrow.