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Insights / September 18, 2017

Solve a Mystery

By Ryan Bridge

This week’s theme is dedicated to the alter ego of one of my favorite TV characters…Burt Macklin. If you’ve watched Parks and Recreation you know all about Burt Macklin, but lets catch those who don’t up to speed.

Burt Macklin is a crime-solving FBI agent, and Andy Dwyer’s alter ego. Even though he doesn’t actually solve crimes, he does thoroughly investigate the various mysteries presented in the show.

In software development, we problem solve on a daily basis. This week I encourage you to channel your inner Burt Macklin and view what’s in front of you as a mystery, not a problem. Looking for a good place to start? Investigate something you’ve always wondered about. Pick it apart, figure out how it works, and solve the mysteries that lie within.

Unlike Andy Dwyer, you might just come out a bit wiser post-investigation.