Consulting Engineers

So much more than code. When your in-house technical team needs top-notch engineering help, you’re looking for developers who can hit the ground running — but your project deserves more. Consulting engineers from Software for Good are talented technologists with deep technical expertise, strategic acumen, and heart.

Consulting engineers with heart

For a single project or months at a time, a Software for Good consulting engineer will work shoulder to shoulder with your in-house team to solve technical challenges for good — with inclusive and accessible coding practices, expansive systemic awareness, and innovative solutions grounded in our diversity and our values.

  • Simple pricing. Software for Good consulting engineers work on your team for a weekly rate of $6,000 per person.
  • Contextual solutions. Once we’re on your team, our consulting engineers work side by side with your folks to solve problems in their real-world context — sometimes in surprising ways.
  • All our expertise. When you partner with one of our consulting engineers, you’re getting that person’s unique technical skills and lived experience — and they’re backed up by the  wisdom of our whole team, who are just a Slack message away.

If the technical problems you need to solve demand world-class expertise with heart and conscience, consulting engineers from Software for Good might be just what you’re looking for.

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