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Insights / October 29, 2018

Make ‘Em Laugh

Theme of the Week Make 'Em Laugh

By Annie Tran

With the impending doom of winter gradually approaching, I wanted to make the theme of the week light and happy, so this week’s theme is: make ’em laugh!

This theme was inspired by Liz, who reminded me of my mini series of Instagram posts that I created while I was in Europe earlier this year. Instead of taking normal selfies in front of touristy sights and trying to get one that looked ~perfect~, I decided to take selfies of just my eyes looking into the camera in awe of what’s around/behind me. It started off as one silly picture, but it made my friends and me laugh, and someone even told me they looked forward to those posts, so I kept it going… and now there’s a whole section of my Instagram with just pictures of my eyes.

I love being goofy and making silly things, as it keeps my mood and the energy of those around me from getting too low. But even if you don’t think you’re the slightest bit funny, you’re in luck because the internet (usually) is! So this week, if you stumble upon something that makes you chuckle or even smile, share it with your friends, your family, your coworkers — you never know, it could lift some spirits and help cheer up someone who’s having a bad day.