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Insights / June 13, 2016

Keep Moving

Keep Moving – Theme of the Week

By Kyle Werstein

Keep moving. Even when it’s scary. Even when you feel like your legs are tired or your brain can’t handle another task, find a way to keep moving. Don’t mistake forward momentum for ignoring self-care; this theme is about perseverance.

On a bicycle, you reap the reward of perseverance. At first, hills are daunting. Long distances are intimidating. One small mistake can spell certain doom (or, at least, a scraped elbow or two). But you keep moving. A couple times a week. For a couple hours at a time. Before you know it, you’re flattening hills and marveling at your progress.

As designers and engineers, the same perseverance, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, leads to great reward in the long run. Very few of us are innately fit or talented at our endeavors. You’ve gotta fall in some ditches – but that’s not what defines us. Instead, we’re defined by our ability to get back up, saddle our bikes and keep moving.

This week? Move forward and keep building that momentum.