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Insights / July 5, 2016

Hit the Road

TOTW: Hit the Road

By Kyle Werstein

July’s here, and nothing screams summer holiday to me more than a road trip. On Saturday, I drove through three states and two time zones, from Fargo, North Dakota, to Spokane, Washington. Long-distance driving is a true test of endurance and sanity. Where others might find trial and tribulation, I find a centering rhythm that reconnects me to myself and my emotions. I feel at home on the road.

Maybe road trips aren’t for you, and that’s ok. But what centers you? Where’s that special place you can go to ask yourself the tough questions – about your work or yourself – and actually find answers? You might find that creating distance – figuratively, literally or both – reveals new insights to better ways of working and living. 

It’s tough to disconnect.
It’s difficult to put yourself first.
But c’mon, it’s summer, so hit the road.