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Insights / April 4, 2016

Have a Backup (and make sure it works)

Theme of the Week: Have a Backup (and make sure it works)

By Jared Mehle

World Backup Day was last week, on March 31st.

HaveĀ a backup. In the world of software, losing work can range from mildly annoying to catastrophic. A backup can save you from that peril.

However, having a backup and finding out at the most critical time it is not viable is almost worse than having no backup at all. Verify your backups! This is often a forgotten step.

Backing up applies outside of software too. Have a backup plan for your meeting. Have a backup person to review your code. Have a backup lunch in the fridge in case your forget to pack your lunch.

This week make sure you have a backup plan and that the plan can be executed without fault.