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Insights / September 24, 2018

Happy Monday!

Theme of the Week Happy Monday

By Pete Fabian

As I have gotten older, I feel like time is slipping away more quickly every day. This includes precious weekend time! In the past few years, most every weekend, when Sunday night comes along I’d say to myself, “Where did the weekend go?” I know a lot of us are going through that, and it may be because you have turned your weekends into a routine. If you find yourself going to the same restaurants and watching the same shows, your brain and your body may not be challenged enough.

Take a look at your weekend routines and mix them up a bit. Maybe bike a different path or take on a new landscaping project. I recently challenged myself to take on a large landscape project over the weekends. Not only am I saving money, but I am breaking up my routine, and I love it! I feel more fulfilled and feel like my precious weekend didn’t fly by so fast.

So, go out there and challenge your routine and you might be surprised at how wonderfully long your weekend becomes!