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Insights / October 27, 2017

Great Conversations Around Good: Minneapolis MiX Panel

By Liz Tupper

It’s always an honor—and a ton of fun—to sit on a panel and talk about my work. This week, I had the pleasure of chatting about social good with a number of for- and nonprofit power players, thanks to MiX, the Minneapolis Idea Exchange.

For me, this panel was a dream, as I got to sit down with three fellow changemakers who are passionate about using their careers to achieve good in the world. We each talked about our organizations, why we got into the work we do, and a few really big topics: fear, failure, and what makes a good leader.

To date, MiX has been my favorite panel. A few highlights:

When Joy King, Executive Director at Be The Match, was contacted about the job she currently holds, she wasn’t looking for a change. But then her father got sick, and she realized that she could make her life’s work about helping people like her dad.

Ravi Norman, CEO at Thor Construction, said leadership comes more from inspiration, then motivation. If you do the work because you’re passionate about the mission, you will be a better leader.

Tyler Van Eps, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Matter, talked candidly about passion and how it drives his projects.

And me? I talked about not letting your fears hold you back, and using your superpowers for good.

Four very different organizations, all with leaders who are finding ways to use their day jobs to affect change. Honestly, these conversations hit me right in the feels. It’s inspiring to hear from others who share my passion for social good. And knowing there are other organizations, like Software for Good, that are working tirelessly for positive change in a variety of industries—well, it gives me hope that even more companies will begin to move beyond the traditional for-profit or nonprofit structure to achieve significant social or environmental impact.

A big thanks to our moderator, Jim Delaney, for asking some thought-provoking questions. Thanks for the rest of the panelists for an inspiring discussion. And thanks to MiX, Brave New Workshop, and Minneapolis Downtown Council for hosting a truly good event.