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Insights / June 26, 2017

Do Something That Scares You

By Liz Tupper

We all have our fears. A few of mine are spiders, snakes, and heights. Fears can be limiting. If I let my fear of heights take over, I wouldn’t have done half the cool things I’ve done over the years: zip lining over a rainforest in Mexico, riding one of the tallest rollercoasters in the world, standing on the glass floor in Willis Tower, rock climbing, and hiking in the mountains.

This week I encourage you to do something that scares you. Maybe instead of avoiding a spider or killing it, let it hang out nearby or bring it outside. Maybe you’re not afraid of spiders, but you’re afraid of people who are different from you. This week, get to know someone different from you or strike up a conversation with someone to whom you wouldn’t usually talk.

By opening up your mind and facing your fears, you may find something amazing that you would have missed out on otherwise.