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Insights / July 9, 2018

Dream Big: Customizing Software for Community Action

dream big customizing software for community action

By Eddie Glenn

At the end of July, I’ll facilitate a group discussion at the Minnesota Community Action Partners Conference in St. Cloud. I’m calling it “Dream Big: Customizing Software for Community Action.”

In my work at Software for Good, I frequently work with nonprofit directors and program managers. The vast majority of these clients describe themselves as “not tech savvy at all.” And I get it. The software development world is technical and always moving fast. Many aspects of this work can be intimidating or confusing.

However, I have a hunch that “non-technical” people actually have the best app ideas. Drawing from years of experience and deep expertise in public service-oriented fields (things like public housing, immigration law, organizing against climate change, etc.), community action partners have the most insight on how technology can advance those causes.

My goal is that participants in this group discussion will walk away feeling confident in identifying opportunities in their own work for technology to help, and can begin strategizing on how to convey their vision to colleagues, supervisors, funders, and boards. I hope that people will walk out of the discussion feeling empowered by technology, and ready to take the lead in weaving technology into their respective fields.

Join me in St. Cloud: Visit the MinnCAP website to register for the event, July 30-August 2.

And if you can’t make the conference, but are a community action expert who’s curious about technology’s potential for your work, I and the rest of the team would love to hear your insights. Share your ideas and your “wish list” for making your work easier here.