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Insights / August 21, 2015

Consider Your Commute

By Ryan Bridge

On Wednesday, I rode my bicycle to work, which is nothing new. But it was raining on Wednesday, and I was drenched by the time I got in. I had a rain jacket on, which helped some, and my backpack is waterproof. But the rest of me…well, I was pretty wet.

I’ll admit I thought about driving to work when I saw the rain. But then I remembered something I saw earlier this week — this animated gif.


It really hits home, this perspective on the impact of transportation. This isn’t the first time this illustration has been used, but the more frequently we see it, the better we will understand the positive impact of public or non-vehicular transportation. See this Washington Post article.

In an effort to do my part to spread the word, here’s why I love biking to work:

  • I get to work faster than by car or bus.
  • I live in a city with great bike trail infrastructure so 90% of my commute is on trails.
  • I feel much more alert and work much more effectively on days I bike to work. This might be hard to believe, but I know a lot of cycling commuters who will agree.
  • I burn fat, not gas.
  • There are a lot of friendly people saying “hello” or “good morning” etc. No road rage.

I understand some people don’t live five miles from work like I do, but with all the crazy road construction in Minnesota right now, consider your commute. How much extra time does it take you to get from point A to point B? You might be surprised by how much faster hitting the bike trails can be, and how much better you feel once you’re at work. (Even when you arrive wet.)

If you normally drive your car to work, I offer you this challenge: start taking alternate transportation once a week. Heck, start with once a month. Even small changes can have big impact. If you need help planning your first non-car commute, I’d be glad to help. Reach out to me on Twitter.