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Insights / October 2, 2017

Clear Out The Clutter

By Annie Tran

Life gets busy and there are times when we put off cleaning up after it – maybe because something else is more important… or maybe because we’re lazy or hate cleaning. Either way, this week, I encourage you to set aside some time to clear out the junk that has been collecting in your house, your car, your desk, or even your mind. Having a clean headspace is just as important as having a clean physical space, if not more. I like to tidy up my headspace by grabbing a pen and paper, and just writing lists of things I need to do, things I’m worried about, etc. It’s pretty simple, but it helps me feel much less overwhelmed by everything that’s buzzing around in my brain. Even just disconnecting from all of the screens and talking to a friend can help clear your head a bit. Try to find whatever works for you and do it – hopefully it’ll help you clear enough space so that you can focus on the bigger tasks you need to tackle this week.