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Insights / April 4, 2017


By Kyle Werstein

Minnesota United won their first match as a Major League Soccer team this past Saturday. Of the four goals that helped the Loons secure their first victory, two were made possible by an assist from midfielder Kevin Molino.

Assists in soccer are one of the things that make me love the sport the most. Sometimes they’re necessary, like a well-timed cross into the penalty box, but sometimes the assisting player sacrifices their own chance for a shot on goal for the certainty of a teammate completing the play with their help.

Setting teammates up for goals in association soccer hasn’t always guaranteed credit for the assister—most leagues didn’t even keep records for assists until the 1990s—but good players know the importance of helping their teammates get more shots on goal. More wins benefit the whole team. And even if you lose, you still put your best foot forward to carry the team home.

How can we sidestep our pride to benefit our team?
What can we do to make sure those around us know they’re cared for?

This week, assist your teammates and the goals will follow.