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Insights / August 14, 2017


By Kyle Werstein

Resistance is comforting in 2017, but systems change cannot occur through opposition alone. Resistance is a powerful force, but it’s only one part of a liberatory toolkit. Even ‘anti-‘ movements that work to change the world also have a vision for where their opposition will take them.

What are you for?
What do you believe in?
How can you help others?
How can you help yourself?
How can we unite to dismantle the structures that keep us divided and marginalized?

Refuting the wrongs of the world is the first step. This week, reflect on what you believe in. If you find yourself existing solely to resist then perhaps it’s time to adjust to an anti-anti paradigm. To quote Bill Burke, an activist injured by White Extremists in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend: “If we really want to stop them, we have to be better organized and fight in solidarity against all oppression. Ultimately, we need to fight for a new world that is run for people, not for profit.”