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Insights / October 14, 2013

Software for Good to Host Twin Cities 2013 Coderetreat

By Sara Simon

Calling all coders!

Mark your calendars for December 14. The tech world is gearing up for another Coderetreat, and this year’s Twin Cities meetup will be hosted by yours truly.

There will always be a gap between how we code and how we wish we could code. Ideally we would all be more proactive about shrinking that gap at work, but pesky office deadlines always tend to have a way of discouraging creative risks and new techniques.

Enter Coderetreat, a free, all-day event dedicated to mastering the fundamentals of software development and design.

Sound like a good time?

We think so too, which is why we’ve volunteered to host it. You bring your coding laptop; we’ll provide lunch. Let’s crank out some code, practice something new, and shrink that gap just a little bit.

Spots are going to go fast. Sign up here!