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Insights / December 4, 2017

Let’s Get Physical

By Ryan Bridge

Last week I embarked on a 21 day fitness challenge. It’s not that intense – I’m just focused on doing some sort of physical excersice every day for 21 days. Aside from being extremely sore the first few days, it has been amazing. The most amazing part for me hasn’t been the physical wellbeing, but the mental wellbeing that exercise has provided me. I used to be a very active person, but I’ve slipped out of my active habits over the past few years. Now that I’m starting to get back to a routine, I remember how great I felt back then and how much of a positive impact it had on me as a person. I’m happier, more focused, a better listener, and my energy levels have been great!

This week, I challenge you to take some time and get a workout in. It doesn’t have to be intense. Just take 20 minutes and get a good little sweat going. I also challenge you to do it for more than just your physical health. Remember all the other ways exercise can help you feel much better.