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Insights / April 17, 2018

Earth Day: Planting Seeds Together

earth day

By Colleen Powers

Leading up to this year’s Earth Day, I wasn’t feeling especially optimistic about efforts to help the planet. It was hard to think about driving my car less or buying fewer new clothes in the face of headlines about U.S. leaders refusing to engage with climate change, shrinking public lands, imposing tariffs on renewable energy, and rolling back regulations that keep air and water clean.

But apathy helps no one, and we all can be mindful about minimizing harm to the planet. Minnesota and the Twin Cities are home to many organizations and social enterprises pushing for clean energy, reduced waste, safer streets and public transportation, and other efforts to cut down on pollution and make our lifestyles more sustainable. As a public benefit corporation, Software for Good is part of a community that includes TechDump, which safely recycles, refurbishes, and resells used electronics; Solar Honey, which creates habitats around solar panels for pollinators and other wildlife; and Junket: Tossed & Found, which sells used goods and promotes reuse. Our client Hourcar encourages people to cut down on car travel for a healthier, less polluting lifestyle. Another client, iMatter, worked with youth activists in St. Louis Park to get the city to pass some of the most ambitious sustainability measures in Minnesota.

So this Earth Day, we’re acknowledging that we can’t do it alone, and inviting our clients, partners, and fellow mission-driven organizations to celebrate the fact that our efforts multiply when combined. Learn more about our Earth Day call to plant seeds together.