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Case Studies / Shelter Animals Count

Using Data to Improve Animal Welfare

The Shelter Animals Count website displayed on a laptop

Shelter Animals Count collects statistics from animal shelters and rescues across the U.S. to provide insights for the shelter community as a whole. We redesigned the organization’s website, and will launch their new platform for collecting data and building coalitions.

Shelter Animals Count collects statistics from animal shelters and rescues across the U.S. This data provides insights for the shelter community as a whole, and helps shelters make informed decisions to improve animal welfare.

To highlight their mission and invite shelters to participate, we redesigned Shelter Animals Count’s public website and data portal. We started by mapping out the journey for shelter and rescue employees — from learning about the organization through signing up to enter their data and joining a coalition of fellow shelters. Next, we surveyed shelter employees to learn about their needs, goals, and challenges with the current platform.

Informed by what we had learned, we created wireframes illustrating new website and data portal pages. We conducted usability testing with a few of the survey participants to invite feedback on the updated layouts and user flows.

When it came time to create the new website, we designed pages with a refreshed Shelter Animals Count brand and a brighter look and feel. We developed a new content management system customized to meet the team’s needs, and integrated with Tableau to create interactive dashboards where visitors can dig into the data.

The new site encourages visitors to understand and explore, while the redesigned data portal makes it easier than ever for shelters and rescues to participate. And we’ll continue improving the experience with ongoing features that are in development now.

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