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Putting the Future at Their Fingertips

The Arc MN GetSet App displayed on a laptop

Teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities aren’t often asked about their goals. The Arc Minnesota is changing that. With a bright, welcoming interest quiz, GetSet! makes future planning fun and accessible for young adults, regardless of ability.

Historically, not much effort has gone into helping teens with intellectual or developmental disabilities plan for their future. The Arc Minnesota is working to change that. Given the success of its Transition Vision Program, an in-person workshop to help young adults set goals and make plans for achieving them, Arc decided to extend the program’s reach through an abbreviated digital version of the tool.

After a positive pilot phase, The Arc came to Software for Good for help rebuilding the TVP application including design updates, an improved user experience, better content and account management tools, and the addition of a paywall.

GetSet!, as the web application is called, is a bright, welcoming interest quiz that relies on iconography to walk young adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities through a series of questions about themselves — what they like, what skills they have, where they see themselves living, and who they have in their life that supports them. At the end, the application generates a personalized vision map they can share, print, or save.

With a tight timeline and big goals, our team chose to rebuild the web app in React and WordPress — optimizing the site’s usability for both users and admins, and ensuring future scalability. Integration with WooCommerce and PayPal makes payment processing a snap for users. Individuals can now purchase GetSet! for themselves or someone else to use, and schools and other organizations can buy multiple licenses and invite users to come create an account and complete the survey.

GetSet! makes future planning fun and accessible for young adults, regardless of ability.

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