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Flexible Learning to Support Positive Parenting

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ADAPTonline is an online course designed to help families practice positive and effective parenting skills — particularly for those who serve in the military. We migrated the course content to a new platform and built a custom registration tool for families to sign up.

ADAPT was created at the University of Minnesota as an educational parenting program — particularly for families who experience trauma and extreme challenges. The online course uses videos, worksheets, and mindfulness exercises to help parents practice skills like communicating, teaching positive behavior, and providing effective discipline.

The team behind ADAPT was ready to launch as a stand-alone program with the potential to expand into additional audiences and new curriculum. They needed to transfer the course away from the university’s Canvas learning platform, as well as update the ADAPTonline website and the registration process for participants. And they needed us to work quickly to be ready for their planned launch dates.

Our team started by migrating the course content to a new Canvas account, setting up the infrastructure and using custom development to tailor the platform’s functionality to ADAPT’s needs. We also built a registration portal that allows parents to sign up and leads them directly into the course. Our team offered input on the signup form’s content and user experience to make it more inclusive of all potential participants.

After that initial launch, the ADAPT team heard from participants that the Canvas site was often confusing to use, particularly because of the platform’s many features that weren’t relevant to the ADAPT parenting curriculum. We surveyed potential options for a new learning management system, and recommended a custom-built option that could be tailored to the program’s needs. Now, families can explore activities at their own pace, and the ADAPT team can add course content in the future.

We’ve continued to work with the ADAPT team as they expand their reach and offerings to include families facing many high-stress jobs and situations. The new LMS is tailored to the people ADAPT serves and built to grow along with their programs. Our ongoing work with the team has included designing and building a new website to showcase the program’s impact for any parents who face high levels of stress and/or trauma.

Now, ADAPTonline is fully functional as its own program, ready to grow and evolve as it meets the needs of parents and families.

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