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Insights / October 24, 2018

Be a Good OSS Citizen

Theme of the Week Be a Good Open Source Software Citizen

By Evan Heisler

With October drawing to a close, and with it Hacktober, Startup Week, and One World Week, this week we encourage you to be (or continue to be) a good Open Source Software (OSS) citizen. Like many organizations, here at Software for Good we use Open Source tools every day. And it’s the community behind OSS that makes it so reliable and safe to use at a production level.

You don’t need to be a expert to get started as a contributor. A core tenet to improving OSS is people trying things out, asking questions, and opening issues. And there are many platforms created to facilitate this, like Stack Overflow, Discourse, Github, and Bitbucket, to name a few.

So this week, along with your Instagram memes and Facebook statuses, try posting to an OSS project, and help drive the community towards more solid, safe, and accessible software.