Our work and decisions are guided
by the values we share as a team.

These company values guide our daily work and decisions. They were recommended and voted on by our team, and we revisit them each time we meet as a full company, when we start new projects, and when we reflect on our work and discuss how we can improve.

Open & honest communication

• Human conversations

• Transparency and openness

• Trust

• Vulnerability


Holding ourselves & others accountable for high-integrity work

• Integrity

• Accountability

• Reliability and following through


High employee quality of life

• Self-care

• Growth

• Complex, interesting challenges and opportunities



• Cooperation

• Respect for all

• Complementary skills

• Collegiality


Social justice & inclusion

• Diversity, equity, and inclusion

• Understand privilege, challenge one’s own biases, and work in anti-racist ways

• Dismantle oppressive systems and empower marginalized groups