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About this Project

EcoPartners Carbon — EP Carbon for short — aims to conserve forests by creating financial value through carbon markets. By maintaining healthy forests that sequester carbon and avoid emissions, forest owners and communities can monetize their land and earn revenue through carbon credits.

EP Carbon partners with Mirova, an investment firm that funds sustainability efforts, to provide access to capital for forest owners and communities. They needed a new website to highlight this partnership, promote the impact of their work, and invite forest owners and NGOs to launch projects.

To drive visitors to submit project ideas, we decided on a simple website with most of the content and actions on a single page. The design uses clean lines and icons alongside bold photography to lay out the story of EP Carbon. We worked with their team to update the content, clarifying the details for visitors not yet familiar with carbon markets.

Since EP Carbon works globally, the site is set up with translations for their most used languages. To explain the project development process, we used icons with dynamic styling to highlight each step as a user scrolls down the page.

The site also displays a map of forest conservation projects to date, as well as current numbers for hectares of land protected and carbon emissions reduced. These displays update as data is added to the content management system, so visitors can see the emissions saved and EP Carbon’s impact grow over time. We used Mapbox to provide a custom map layer to match the site design, and all of the data for the map is driven by JSON using the GeoJSON format.

The result is a beautiful and interactive site that helps visitors quickly understand EP Carbon’s work and motivates them to launch a conservation project.

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